Air Pollution

air-pollution issues   [catlist name=”air pollution”] Air pollution has already been an universal environmental issue for a long time. It has very dangerous impacts on the health of all living-beings directly and indirectly. Just take humans as the prime example, air pollution brings out many respiratory diseases, for example cancers, and has already caused numerous deaths. Air pollution not only refers to outside contaminants that are mainly caused by industrial production, but also includes indoor pollutants that are released by all kinds of chemical-based products or other substances. Acid rain, global warming, the depletion of ozone layer, PM 2.5 particulates are most prominent air pollution problems.

Humidifier Reviews

Sunbeam Ultrasonic Visible Mist Humidifier  [catlist name=”humidifier choosing”] Humidifier is an air appliance that aims to maintain the best humidity levels for living spaces or working areas. Increasing people nowadays resort to humidifiers to remove or relieve all uncomfortable symptoms that are caused by too dry air, such itchy eyes, scratchy throats or dry skins. In addition to that, humidifier can also make you breathing easily. New technologies and innovative designs make today’s humidifiers not only a powerful air appliance that can satisfy anyone’s needs, but also a wonderful addition for anyplace. And there are various types of humidifiers available on marketplaces. You can also purchase your humidifier by e-shopping. 

Dehumidifier Reviews

Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with built-in drain pump, front bucket and continuous drain [catlist name=”dehumidifer-choosing”] Sometimes, changeable weather causes too much moisture in your living space. Moisture is good for our life, but excessive moisture can also be a big problem. In this case, you need a dehumidifier. An appropriate dehumidifier can remove unwanted moisture out from the interior and help to maintain the most comfortable humidity level for living. No more odors, bacteria, water stains, condensation or other annoying things in your home thanks to a dehumidifier. Now you can get a dehumidifier featured with multiple functions in the marketplaces. And there is one type of dehumidifier fits you perfectly.  

 Quit Smoking

how long would you like to live [catlist name=”quit smoking”] It’s almost universal accepted that smoking is harmful for human body, aggravating the health of human and causing multiple diseases. Smoking not only poses the health of smokers at risk, but also can harm the health of other nonsmokers. The second-hand smoke and the third-hand smoke that are mainly caused by smoking have been a major devil of smoking. However, there still have a large amount of smokers in the world, either adults or teenagers. Most smokers always find themselves a reasonable excuse for quitting and always think that quitting smoking is hard. But quitting smoking is really necessary for you and people around you. Scientific approaches plus firm resolution, quitting smoking is also what you can do.

Allergy & Asthma

air pollution and    [catlist name=”asthma allergy”]  Allergy topic is no longer strange for people. An allergy usually means one’s immune system is against a normally harmless substance, and then causes an abnormal reaction. When one who is allergic meets allergy triggers, he will experience allergy symptoms. But having allergy symptoms doesn’t mean one is allergic, such as the side effects of medications. Allergic antibodies or lgE can help allergic people against all kinds of allergens. When people are exposed to allergens adequately, their body will produce allergic antibodies to the substances. Many people will have allergy during their life time, but allergy are more likely to occur during childhood and adulthood.

Indoor Air Tips

DIY-logo Sometimes we do not need to buy a new home appliance to improve the situation of our air indoors, we could just design something by ourselves instead. In this category, you will find some useful materials to help you design your own home device. I ever watched a video about how to make a HEPA air purifier, the process was very simple and the parts were very easy to get on ebay. What is more important, it costs less. If you are a man full of creativity and ideas, why not try to do some DIY work instead?

Air Purifier Reviews


[catlist name=”air purifier choosing”] Air purifier is a device to clear the air removing chemical releases, dust, smoke or pollens from the air. A good purifier can improve your air quality greatly creating the favorable air for breathing. There are many types of air purifiers, such as, HEPA filter kind, ozone type, carbon type or other types. Among them, the HEPA filter air purifier is the most popular and most effective. Each type of air purifier has its outstanding features and some little downsides, so choosing the most suitable air purifier only can make your air purifier have the optimum results. 

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