10 Worst Advice for Quitting Smoking

Worst Advice for Quitting Smoking

Worst advice for quitting smoking

When you’re quitting smoking, it seems as though the more people you tell that you’re doing it – the more people who suddenly become “quitting experts”. There’s no doubt that everyone you tell will have some great advice on what you should and shouldn’t do… and although that advice might seem great to them, it might actually be the worst advice ever.

It’s not easy quitting and anyone who tells you it is, is a liar – or they were never a smoker in the first place. Firstly it’s an addiction, it’s a drug, and there are both physical and mental health consequences that affect you when you’re smoking – and even more so when you quit. And when you’re going through those first few hours, or days, after you’ve quit – the last thing you want is someone giving you useless advice.

So, if anyone tells you any of the following things – back away now and try to disassociate yourself from them until you’re an official non-smoker. Otherwise they might just drag you down – or worse, they might stress you out so much you want to take up smoking again!

Here are 10 of the worst pieces of advice you’ll ever hear in life, and when you quit smoking:

Worst advice for quitting smoking you may not know

1. Eat a chocolate every time you want a cigarette. As much as you might love chocolate, this is probably the reason why everyone who quits smoking automatically thinks they are going to gain a hundred pound. If you start having a chocolate every time you want a cigarette, you’re going to be going through a lot of chocolate – and yes, you’ll be obese in no time. Stay away from the chocolate and opt for some sugar free gum instead.

2. Unless you REALLY want to do it, you won’t. Everyone has their own reasons for quitting, whether it be for their own health, or because someone in their family wants them to quit. While yes, it is true that you need to be in it yourself if you want it to work, for some people the mere thought that their children want them to quit, or that their parent has died from a smoking related disease can be enough for them to quit themselves.

3. Good things come to those who wait. This is terrible advice in any given situation, particularly quitting smoking. No, they don’t. If you want something, get out there and get it! If you want to quit smoking, do something about it. Don’t just wait it out.

4. Don’t worry about failing, just try again. While this is true to an extent, some people use it as an excuse to never quit. Sure they try, and try again, but that’s because they aren’t worried about failing in the first place. The thing is, if you focus enough on ensuring you don’t fail – you can instead see the end result and you’re more likely to hold your ground on the quitting thing.

5. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I think the connotations behind why you shouldn’t say that to someone who is quitting are pretty obvious.

6. Once a smoker, always a smoker. Not true. You are always an addict, but you can break yourself out of the habit as time goes by. Just remember, you CAN quit and you CAN make a difference to your life.

7. Just don’t think about it. Anyone who says that to you, has never been addicted to anything. It’s impossible to not think about it. I quit smoking 7 years ago and I STILL think about it – every time I pass by someone who is smoking, every time I have a glass of wine, every dinner out at a pub – you will always think about it. The challenge is not to cave to those thoughts and to remember why you’re quitting in the first place.

Worst advice for quitting smoking

8. It’s just who you are. I have actually heard people tell themselves this! “A smoker is just who I am”… no, it’s not. There was a time when you weren’t a smoker, and if you want it bad enough, there will be a time when you won’t be a smoker in future. It’s not who you are – it’s who you have chosen to be.

9. Don’t worry about the “what if”. This is true to a certain extent… What if I can’t quit? What if I fail? What if the headaches are too bad? – rather than thinking about those kinds of what ifs, think about these: what if you get lung cancer? What if you can no longer run around with your children because you have no energy? What if you could feel healthier, younger and more energised than ever?

10. Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win. Yes … when it comes to smoking, they sure do! If you want to quit, you’re already a winner and if you CAN quit, you’re charging ahead of the pack.

Quitters ARE winners, so go on – get quitting! Just remember that if anyone ever gives you quitting advice and you find yourself wondering “what the…” – ignore them. Follow you instinct, listen to the professionals, and surround yourself with positive people who are there to help you get through this time in your life. It’s not easy, but with the right support – and the RIGHT advice, quitting smoking can be achieved.


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