The 3 Top Carbon Dioxide Producing Countries In The World

Which Are The Top 3 Carbon Dioxide Producing Countries?

Carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, has been determined to be a severe pollutant and the degree to which it is polluting the air we breathe is growing every day. Just about every country contributes to this problem. There are, however, three countries who top this list with the most polluted atmospheres and, thus, the most dangerous air quality. These three Countries are:

Largest Carbon Dioxide Producing Country: China

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There are probably more items of all kinds, printed with the three words “Made in China” than with anything else. They have 1.4 billion people that sell their wares all over the world. The US, in 2013 alone, imported $403 billion worth of Chinese products, yet exported only about $109 billion worth to them.

This manufacturing base has helped push the carbon dioxide contribution of China into the 8.3 billion metric ton range. This makes it 50% higher than the US. Its place on this list is well earned.

All of that is made worse by the distribution of the carbon sources, geographically. The industrialization that causes the vast majority of this pollution is centered on just a few zones in a couple of very large cities. This hazardous contamination, in the form of very small particulate matter, hangs over Shanghai and Beijing’s skyline and periodically shades the land from the sun.

The Guardian newspaper reported that in, January 2013, Beijing’s air quality index was documented at 755, which is about 30 times the World Health Organization’s safety level standard, established many years before. This level shortened the lifespan by an average of 5.5 years. This shocking discovery was postulated through a study conducted last July.
In October, President Xi Jinping listed the two major problems affecting his nation. One of was corruption and the other pollution and they have begun the process of working on both. That same month China began implementation of the same emission standards incorporated by the European Union. It has also announced it will be phasing out an estimated 500 of the most polluting facilities in and around the central cities.

The Second Largest Producer of Carbon Dioxide: United States

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Regardless of all the hype about the USA being the dirtiest, as far as pollution is concerned, the United States is only second on this list.

The 5.4 billion metric tons of this greenhouse gas emitted by the USA, does outweigh India’s contribution to the planet by about 250%. That can be fairly easy to understand as 20% of the economic output of the world is generated in the USA. This is more than any other country and, if you drive a car, you are part of the problem. The transportation of people and material accounts for 31% of the carbon loading in and from the United States.

One of the things that keeps the percentages down in comparison to India, is the 80% of output being service oriented businesses, established industrial efficiencies and automotive fuel economies that are part of the American culture, as mandated by governmental actions and personal preferences.

Another reason for the smaller amount of pollution is the outsourcing of much of the manufacturing to other countries.

India Is The Third Largest Contributor Of This Greenhouse Gas.

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India is the third most polluted country in the world as far as carbon dioxide is concerned, contributing just over 2 billion metric tons. At 1.2 billion people, this means the per capita emissions are about the same as Costa Rica, a much smaller country that does not make this list because of that.

India, as well as Russia, China, and Brazil, are four countries whose businesses are ‘booming’ although the regulations and infrastructure have not kept up. This helps in the belief that profit is a better objective than pollution control. India’s GDP growth rate, in 2010, for example, was in the 10% range, whereas the United States, at 2.4% was outclassed by about 400%.

There are about 45 cities in India with over 1 million people which pose very different challenges to other countries. One of the major contributors to the carbon loading is the coal addiction. This is likely to increase as the IEA (International Energy Agency) predicts the rivalry between China and India, as far as coal production will be settled in India’s direction within the next five years.

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