8 Safety Tips That E-Cigarette Users Should Know

8 Safety Tips for E-Cigarette Users

13ecig-web1-master675There have been several stories in the news recently concerning e-cigarettes and safety. While some preliminary studies indicate that e-cigarettes might pose less of a risk to your health than traditional tobacco products, it seems that there are still safety issues that consumers should be aware of. Reports of e-cigarettes catching on fire while charging are becoming more common, and recently a young mother of 3 in the United Kingdom witnessed this frightening scenario firsthand.

After falling asleep with her e-cigarette charging the 28 year old mother woke up to find her bedroom filled with smoke. It seems that the battery in her e-cigarette overheated causing it to burst into flames. While thankfully she and her three children are okay, her bedroom and several belongings did not survive the smoke and flames. She was able to put the fire out in time before her apartment was completely engulfed in flames, but this frightening event has made it impossible for her to enjoy an e-cigarette again. To prevent an e-cigarette from catching on fire here are a few tips that will help consumers stay safe.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind for E-Cigarette Users

1. Always use the original charger.

E-cigarettes often come with rechargeable batteries so consumers only need to purchase the canisters when the “juice” runs out. Less expensive in the long run, these e-cigarettes also come with their own chargers so the battery can be continually reused. It is important to only use the original charger, since other models can cause the battery to overheat and potentially catch on fire.

2. Never leave an e-cigarette unattended when it is charging.

Once of the worst things consumers can do is to leave the room or fall asleep when an e-cigarette is charging. While it might not seem like anything can happen in the short amount of time it takes for the small battery to charge, it only takes a second for a spark to start a potentially devastating fire. Most batteries only take a few minutes to fully charge so it is not an inconvenience to wait for it to finish.

3. Only purchase from an authorized dealer.

Purchasing e-cigarettes from someone that is not authorized might seem like a good way to save money initially, but it can end up being an expensive mistake. Not only are the ingredients used in the “juice” not regulated, but it is not uncommon for the batteries or chargers to be constructed from inferior materials. For health and safety reasons it is always a good idea to purchase any e-cigarette products from an authorized and reputable dealer.

4. Always follow recommended guidelines for charging.

Included with most rechargeable e-cigarettes is a convenient guide that outlines how long it takes the battery to fully charge. To prevent overheating and potential fires it is always best to only charge the battery for the recommended amount of time. Not only will this help prevent smoke and sparks, it can also extend the life of the battery.

5. Remove battery from the charger when finish.

For added safety it is always recommended that the battery be removed from the charger and stored separately until it is needed.

6. Never carry loose batteries.

Any type of battery, whether it is disposable or rechargeable should always be carried or stored in a case or container that is flame retardant or fireproof. While this is already a requirement at most major airports, it should also be a standard safety precaution that all e-cigarette users follow to prevent accidental fires. This also applies to carrying batteries in pockets or bags where coins or other metal objects can rub against the terminals and create small sparks that can turn into large fires.

7. Install smoke detectors on every floor in the home.

While the home should already have working smoke detectors installed, it is especially important if batteries are frequently being recharged. It is also important to regularly check to make sure the smoke detectors are in good working order, and replace the batteries as needed.

8. Dial 911.

Even if the fire from a charging e-cigarette battery barely leaves a mark, it is still a good idea to contact the local fire department. It is not uncommon for fires to reignite if not properly extinguished, and the fire department will ensure that every ember is completely out.

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