Best Apps for Quitting Smoking

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Apps to Help you Quit Smoking

Everyone uses a phone these days; and more often than not it isn’t for making phone calls. We spend more time now than ever watching videos on our phones, emailing, Googling and checking out the latest APP. Any time we want to find out how to do something, we get on our phones and ask Dr Google for advice; or we download APPs that are going to help us along the way.

Without a doubt, before we even go to see our own doctor, we’ve already Googled everything we want to ask about or we’ve checked out the latest health APP to find out more…

Quitting smoking is no different.

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Quitting smoking APPs are becoming more and more common and the features they include are more advanced than ever. You might be embarrassed or afraid to talk to family and friends about your idea to quit; or you might just want to get advice from people in the same situation. You could want to find out more about the things smoking can do to you; why you should quit; or you may have already decided but you’re not sure where to turn next.

Check your phone!

Here are 10 of our favourite APPs if you want help quitting smoking.

Butt Out

It’s a cheap APP and it’s worth it. This helps you to stay focused and gives you practical information about quitting smoking. Input your information on a daily basis and tally how many cigarettes you’ve had. It will give you information based on the data you give it, including how much you money you have saved that day by smoking less than normal, and how many cigarettes you had (or didn’t have). It will give you tips on how to curb any cravings you might have, what you can do to feel better, and provide you with details on the health benefits you are achieving through your quitting.


If you prefer to quit smoking with the support of others in the same position – say … 2 million people around the world, this is the APP for you. You can join a community of people who have successfully quit; along with support from experts in the field. You can connect to social media accounts, and show your progress to your friends and family. Every time you reach a goal, you’ll be rewarded and can then share that progress with other people in the APP.

My Quit Coach

This is a coaching program by LiveStrong which is actually personalized to suit each person using it, regardless of if you’re cutting back or going cold turkey. This APP has been approved by a physician which gives you added peace of mind that it is obviously proven to benefit those who are quitting. If having someone coaching you along the way is something you think will be of benefit to your quitting efforts, but you can’t afford to hire anyone, you need this APP.

Get Rich or Die Smoking

This is available in regular mode or GOLD mode, and helps you to quit smoking by showing you exactly what you could buy with all the money you save on not buying cigarettes! It’s a fun APP, but also meaningful at the same time. Log your smoking, check out the statistics and the health benefits that occur when you don’t smoke (everything from 20 minutes to days or weeks); and as you progress you get to unlock “achievements”. It’s a great motivation.

Quit Smoking

Input your data and you’ll find out information about how you’re progressing through your quitting. You’ll have a day by day report on how quitting is affecting your body, the toxins you are getting rid of and your chances for better health. You can follow your progress both physically and mentally, which gives you something different to focus on.

Craving to Quit

This offers you something completely different, and the best part is, it is fully based on research from Yale University. The APP provides users with a 21 day program that is designed to help you quit smoking. You can get a free trisl, but you need to pay after that; however it’s well worth the little money you need to spend. There are videos, reminders, goal setting; and you can record your emotions and activities.

My Last Cigarette

If you need a little motivation, this APP is great. It provides you with daily motivational and inspirational quotes to help you along the path of quitting. It also gives you the facts about health benefits of quitting vs smoking, and so on.

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APPs are taking quitting smoking into the 21st Century and when you’re planning to quit, they can be a great support network, provide fantastic advice and basically keep you on track. Obviously they aren’t the conventional way of quitting, but they are certainly working. So if you’re ready to take on the path of quitting, and want some extra support, try one (or some) of the APPs we’ve mentioned above and go that one step further.

Good luck.

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