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Billions of Children Affected by Air Pollution

Air pollution is doing a lot more harm than people thought. Air pollution kills around 600,000 every year and makes another 2 billion people sick. Pollution in the air especially in countries that are still considered to be developing countries are seeing millions of children die every year and many more are at risk. This is according to a study by the group UNICEF. This information is based on health records as well as satellite projections of air Read More>>>

10 Common Air Pollutants You Need to Avoid

10 Common Air Pollutants Around Your Life

Air pollution is a concern that should be on the minds of every individual. Unfortunately, it is something that continues to get worse with time and unless something is done to mitigate the circumstances, the problem could become even worse in the very near future. In order to better understand the types of air pollution that have come to exist, it is important to understand the 10 most Read More>>>

What Does AQI Mean? The Basics of Air Quality Index

Understanding the Air Quality Index

Chances are, you have at least heard of the Air Quality Index, also referred to as the AQI. However, you might be asking yourself what it really means or how it is interpreted. The truth is, this is one of the most important things that you can listen to when it comes to understanding a daily forecast. Read More>>>

Scientific Evidence that Children’s Health is Endangered by Fossil Fuel Combustion

Children Are Sensitive To Air Pollution and Climate Change Stressors

Frederica Perera PhD, the current director of the CCCEH (Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health), wrote an interesting article published in Environmental Health Perspectives. There she commented that fossil fuel combustion in association with air pollution and carbon dioxide levels, were the underlying reason for why many children suffer Read More>>>