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Reasons to stay away from smokers if you’re pregnant

So you’ve just found out the news that you’re pregnant. CONGRATULATIONS! It’s an exciting time of your life, and no doubt, a scary one as well. If you found out pretty early, you probably haven’t noticed much change in your body yet; but it seems that the minute you get a positive test result back – everything starts to change. And one of those things is your sense of smell.

All of a sudden, your smoker husband who

Smokers Story: The Tragic Life of Air

A Story That Tell You Why You Need to Quit Smoking

writer: Jedikat

Smoking is frowned upon these days, so much that there are constant ads against it, and some Drug Stores have stopped carrying smoking products altogether. While the world is a safer place against second hand smoke these days, it wasn’t always the case. Take yourself back over 50 years ago and not only was the Read More>>>

What is Tobacco Addiction?

What is Tobacco Addiction?

Every smoker knows that tobacco is harmful, but they still have the compulsive need to use it. They are addicted to tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco. Millions of people try to quite each year but most of them fail, some even picking up smoking again within a week. What makes tobacco addictive is Read More>>>