How to Choose the Right Size Dehumidifier

How to Choose the Right Size Dehumidifier

When you want to buy a portable dehumidifier, one of the things to consider is the size of the device. Choosing the right size dehumidifier is not a difficult thing if you know what to look for. Being informed is the secret to finding the right device for your needs. You can find the right details about how to make the choice in the paragraphs below:

Determining the Size of a Dehumidifier

Danby DDR30A2GP 30 Pt. Dehumidifier

The size of a dehumidifier is determined by its moisture removal capabilities. The moisture removal capacity equals the pints of moisture that can be removed daily. In this way, we can say that a 30-pint dehumidifier is the device that can successfully eliminate 30 pints of moisture from your home every day. In order to know the capacity that you will need, it is good to know the size of the area that needs dehumidification, in square feet.

Room Conditions

It is not enough to consider only the size of your rooms when you choose a humidifier. The room conditions are also important. If you really want to get the best device on the market, there are other factors to consider as well such as room conditions. For those who have a really damp space, a device with a higher capacity should be chosen. For extremely humid areas, the capacity has to be extremely large. When the space is only a little damp, the normal capacity per square feet is recommended.

Using a Dehumidifier Size Chart

The following chart is meant to help you to easily choose the correct size of dehumidifier according to your exact needs. This is meant to make your search easier and you can take it with you when you are shopping for a dehumidifier. Manufacturers test their devices under various conditions and they specify different capacities according to the results of the tests. In this way, manufacturers have different pin

recommendations that you can see in the chart below:

dehumidifer size choosing

If you are someone who needs a dehumidifier for usage in wet conditions, you may have to get a model that was tested under AHAM conditions (conditions with an average humidity of 60 percent) and that has the recommended pint capacity. Devices that have been verified in a 100 percent humidity environment (in which the air is saturated) are known to be less robust. For example, humidifiers labeled 70 pint in saturated situation, may not be as efficient as the ones tested in AHAM conditions, despite whether they have the same capacity of 70 pints.

Other Important Things to Keep In Mind

You will have to choose a model with a higher capacity in some cases, such as the ones mentioned above. You will have to add 10 pints if you live in place with a humid climate. Five more pints are required if there are many people living in the area. Five more pints are needed if you use a lot of windows and doors.  And the presence of a dryer or a washer in the vicinity implies the use of another five pints.

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