Essick Air Humidifier Review 2018

Essick Humidifier Review 2018

In this post we will talk about Essick humidifier reviews and ratings info.

Essick has been producing high quality air humidifiers for more than 90 years. And all its products are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, which is really rare for today’s manufacturers. Essick air humidifiers introduce moisture into the air which creates a healthier, easier and more comfortable environment, through evaporative technology.essick humidifier logo

But why and how does this evaporation process make Essick’s humidifiers a distinguished humidity saver?

Essick’s evaporative humidifiers add clean, pure and healthy moisture into the air helping to alleviate and treat uncomfortable symptoms by removing dryness, irritation and itchiness that are caused by poor quality air. What’s more, replenishing moisture into the air can also minimize pet dander and other airborne allergens. Another highlight of an Essick evaporative humidifier is that it consumes little energy. It is widely reputed for its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency. The Essick super wick, which made of high quality and antimicrobial papers, also adds brilliant performance for its humidifiers. It is capable of trapping particles, mineral deposits and impurities, ensuring clean and pure humidification.

Top and Best Humidifiers from Essick Air 2017 – 2018

Here we have picked some of the best rated Essick air humidifiers and made a comparison chart. General information such as coverage, size, ratings, and main features are included in the comparisons. The top 6 bestselling Essick Air Humidifiers are:

Essick Air MA1201 Whole-House Humidifier,

Essick Air H12-400HB 3-Speed Whole House Evaporative Console Humidifier,

Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier,

Essick Air EP9 500 Whole House Evaporative Digital Pedestal Humidifier, Nutmeg,

Essick AirD46 720 4-Speed Tower Humidifier

Essick Air Humidifier Reviews 2016

Essick Air MA1201 Whole-House Humidifier

Essick air humidifier review - Essick Air MA1201 Whole-House Humidifier, White
Essick Air MA1201

The Essick air MA1201 is a console design humidifier, that can improve poor moisture and reduce static electric shocks significantly. This unit has big capacity and its moisture output is up to 12 gallons a day, which is efficient enough to humidify a whole house more than 2,500 square feet. And if the house is tightly constructed, 3,000 square feet pose no difficulties for this unit. The digital humidistat is able to measure and regulate the desired moisture for your home. This Essick humidifier is very easy to operate, with one button to turn it on or off, one button for humidity settings, and one button to choose the manual or auto operation. Thanks to the evaporative wick, there are no worries about mineral deposits. And the wick is inexpensive, so you have no economic burdens for replacement. Reliable operation also lies in to its auto-shut-off function and quiet-night setting.

1. Moisture output is up to 12 GPD, humidification coverage holds up to 2,500 square feet
2. Digital humidistat adjusts ideal humidity levels automatically
3. Auto-shut-off, night setting, super simple operation and multi-speed controls

Essick Air H12-400HB 3-Speed Whole House Evaporative Console Humidifier

essick air humidifier review - Essick Air H12-400HB 3-Speed Whole House Evaporative Console Humidifier, Oak Burl
Essick Air H12-400HB

The Essick air H12-400HB is a great appliance for air improvement. It provides super relief for issues caused by poor or dry air, such as dry skin, cracks in furniture and electronics. It can produce up to 12 gallons moisture per day, which ensures the adequate humidification for a space of more than 2,500 square feet. The smart humidistat, analog controls and digital readouts regulate this unit to create the most suitable moisture levels and offer simple and convenient operation. A 3-speed fan facilitates fine mists to spread throughout rooms and creates ideal moisture levels. Rolling casters allow smooth mobility of the unit and it is backed by a one year limited warranty.

1. Designed for a space more than 2,500 square feet with 12 gallons output per day
2. Smart humidistat with comfort sensor cooperating with analog controls promises easy operation
3. 3 speed fan, rolling casters and 1 year limited warranty

Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

Essick humidifier review - Essick Air EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier
Essick Air EP9 800 Digital

The whole design of Essick Air EP9 800 is special and deliberate. The body of this humidifier is pedestal style with a dark espresso color scheme. It’s featured with a small foot print and a stylish surface insert. And the design of the front reservoir serves for easy refilling. Regardless of the original appearance, this Essick humidifier is also attractive in its capacity. The moisture output of this unit is up to 9 gallon per day (GPD), which is able to moisten a whole house over 2,800 square feet. Its 9-speed fan offers various output settings, which can fit your humidity needs whatever the season. In addition, the 9-speed fan also gives you control of noise levels. The digital humidistat is devoted to maintaining the desired humidity levels for multiple rooms, and the digital readout is able to display the current humidity level, the desired humidity levels and the fan speed precisely. So you are well informed of the humidity conditions around your home. Once the demanded humidity level is reached or the reservoir is empty, this unit can shut itself off.

1. Pedestal-style humidifier with great ability of humidification
2. 9-speed fan boost performances, automatic shut off feature ensures the safe operation
3. Digital readout presents accurate key numbers while digital humidistat manages your preferred humidity levels automatically

Essick Air EP9 500 Whole House Evaporative Digital Pedestal Humidifier, Nutmeg

Essick Air EP9 500 Whole House Evaporative Digital Pedestal Humidifier
Essick Air EP9 500

The Essick Air EP9 500 belongs to the AIRCARE home décor series and is a perfect addition to any home decoration. With a neutral color scheme and a small foot print, this Essick air whole house humidifier can serve as a decorative base for a vase, plant, figurine or a piece of furniture. It’s designed for the humidification coverage of 2,800 square feet or above by producing 9 gallons daily output. A digital humidistat enables you to get the actual readings easily, adjust the moisture to your liking and enjoy optimal humidity levels. In addition, 9 fan speeds also allow you control the moisture output and operating noise. This unit features a front fill reservoir, so you can fill with water much easier without removing or taking it out. You could find more comparison and ratings information about Essick humidifier reviews in the comparison chart.

1. Simple and elegant designs makes no conflicts for any home décor style
2. 9-speed fan offers multiple choice for ideal humidity levels
3. Digital humidistat and frontal fill design

Essick Air EA1201 Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

Essick Air EA1201 Digital Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier, Mini, Silver and Black Design
Essick Air EA1201 Digital , Silver and Black Design

The Essick Air EA1201 console-style humidifier is able to provide proper moisture for a space of up to 2,500 square feet. With 3.5 gallons water capacity plus 12 gallons daily output it undoubtedly ensures enough humidification. If the construction is tight, 3,000 sq. ft. is also no problem. Its stylish design  fits in with any home décor style and it takes up minimal space. It is featured with an easy front fill pour-in design and a digital touch display. So it is easy to get fill this unit and maintain the suitable humidity level. The super wick traps all mineral deposits and impurities existing within the water and helps to produce clean, invisible and fine mists.

1. High humidification ability can be enough for a whole house between 2,500 to 3,000 square feet
2. Holds for 3.5 gallons of water but produces 12 gallons output per day
3. Super wick and electronic controls promise clean and desired moisture

Essick Air 4-Speed Tower Humidifier, D46 720

Essick Air 4-Speed Tower Humidifier, D46 720
Essick Air 4-Speed Tower Humidifier, D46 720

The Essick Air D46 720 is a tower style humidifier and is capable of providing 6 gallons daily output for a space of up to 2,000 square feet with tight construction. A 4 four speed fan focuses on dispersing moisture into the air effectively. Its quiet nighttime setting is perfect for creating a space for peaceful dreams and its twin water tank makes for easy refilling. The digital display with a digital humidistat can adjust the accurate humidity levels for soothing discomforts. As one product of the AIRCARE décor series, Essick Air D46 720 also has an excellent appearance and is suitable for any home style.

1. Twin water tank with the capacity of 3 gallons
2. 4 speed motor and digital controls
3. Backed by 1 year limited warranty and 2 years warranty on motor

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