Why Is Fresh Air So Important?

fresh air is important, why?

Fresh Air Keeps Us Alive, In More Ways Than One…

It might come as a surprise to you, but the most important factor of being alive is not in fact your breathing. Breathing is the second most important thing about being alive. The first however is WHAT you are breathing, and when it comes to how well you function, what you breathe is by far the most important thing. The better the air quality you breathe, the better your health will be, however high air quality is becoming harder to achieve every year, as new pollutants, chemicals and impurities fill the air.

The air we breathe (unless you live in some pristine place in underground Antarctica of course) is polluted. There is no escaping the pollution in the outside world, because for the last century the human race has been completely obsessed with chemical, technological and mechanical advances, and in return have completely flooded our life sources with deadly stuff that can kill us.

Even though the air is filled with toxins, there are still benefits to inhaling it, rather than the air of a confined space of course. The human body is an amazing machine, and the effects of fresh air do more than just help us to stay alive. The term “Fresh Air” doesn’t really mean just stepping outside in your polluted city, it means getting to somewhere that the air is cleaner and less polluted than where you live. Even if you live in a rural area, there are so many places that you can go to inhale some of the good stuff. Mountain and ocean air are two types of air that can change the way you feel.

If you’re still not convinced that fresh air is better for you, here are some of the benefits.

Fresh Air Physically Makes Us Happier

Your serotonin levels are affected by the amount of oxygen you breathe in. Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter (of the good kind) and will lighten your mood and give you a sense of happiness. The fresher the air (the more oxygen), the more happy and relaxed you will be.


Fresh Air Helps Digestion

fresh air is important for babyFresh air will helps you digest food more effectively. How you ask? Breathing in fresh air after a meal will have benefits, especially if that fresh air is being breathed in when you are out for a walk. Walking increases your oxygen intake, your blood flow, and heart rate, and breathing in fresh air will help to get everything in your body working how it should, including your lungs. Doing this allows breathing fresh air to help you lose weight, and stay healthy.

Strengthens Your Immune System

Because white blood cells need oxygen to work efficiently to kill germs and bacteria, the more oxygen intake you have, the stronger these white blood cells are.

Improves Blood Pressure And Heart Rate

Avoiding polluted environments is one way to avoid high blood pressure, and being in areas that have a good supply of fresh air will help your blood get the much-needed oxygen. The more oxygen in your blood means your blood does its job much more consistently. When your body is forced to do its job in areas where it is starved of oxygen, it needs to work much harder than normal, so your heart needs to work much harder to make the blood flow efficiently around the body. Fresh air filled with oxygen is important for your body to function correctly. your brain and every single cell of your body need fresh air to perform each and every function. Along with water and good nutrition our body won’t function without oxygen.

Detox Your Lungs

Your lungs release toxins from your body when you exhale and fresh air will helps your airways to expand and improve the detoxification process of your lungs.


fresh air is beneficial to your muscleYou Will Be Smarter (sort of) And Be Stronger (sort of)

Fresh air allows your energy levels to increase, and it also makes you think better.  Because your brain uses at least 20% of your body’s oxygen, the more it gets, the more active it becomes. Better oxygen intake means better clarity, better concentration levels, and helps you to think more clearly. This could actually be the reason we yawn. We yawn when we are tired, and extra oxygen intake will give us a pep up, and our body is forced to yawn to force in extra oxygen. Now that you’ve read that, and had a yawn…do you feel more energetic? Oxygen also builds your energy levels, and because it also helps your brain; the more exercise you actually do, the smarter you will be.

Oxygen In Enclosed Spaces

Breathing air in normal pen spaces will ensure you get a good mix of oxygen in your blood stream. What happens when you are in a closed area for long periods of time with limited air flow, is that the oxygen levels in the air lower. This is because you are breathing in the same air you just breathe out, and eventually, if you were to completely lose access to a new supply of fresh air, your body will suffocate.

A good sign of not getting enough fresh air into the space can come in many forms,. Like nausea, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, and over long periods of time with lack of oxygen, lung diseases and other high impact health issues.

How Do You Get The Best Supply Where You Live?

The most simple ways to get fresh air, even if you live in smoggy large cities, is to visit green spaces like parks where there are lots of trees (trees breathe out oxygen) or to exercise regularly. The more exercise you do the more oxygen your body gets.

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