Tips on Choosing A Best Portable Dehumidifier 2017

Portable Dehumidifier Reviews and Guides 2016 – 2017

Why We Choose Portable Dehumidifiers?

Are you desiring for a dehumidifier that provides effective removal of excess moisture while can be easily relocated to the area where dampness problems are worse. If you are, perhaps, a portable dehumidifier is what you require. This post is about portable dehumidifier reviews.

Portable dehumidifiers are able to extract moisture out from the air and store in a reservoir that should be emptied regularly when it’s filled up. However, some portable dehumidification machines may include a sewage drain or hose that directly exhausts the collected water through a basement window or a sink, which would be very convenient and can avoid the trouble of interrupted operation, while some portable dehumidifiers may exhaust out the moisture by using a pump.

Portable units have a wide range of designs, features and capacities. A built-in humidistat is a great feature for accurate humidity monitoring. Generally, the price of most portable dehumidifiers is between $100 and $400. When you are going to buy one for your home, it’s better to make the decision in accordance with the actual needs and conditions.

Portable Dehumidifier Reviews, Guides and Consumer Report 2017

Here we have a comparisons chart for some top rated portable dehumidifiers. In this comparison chart, you could find the key features of these portable units. All of them have highest ratings and consumers gave them positive feedback.

Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier,

NewAir AD-250 Portable Dehumidifier, 25 Pint,

EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier ,

Whynter RPD-302W 30-Pint, Energy Star Dehumidifier,

EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint White Portable Dehumidifier  ,

Whynter RPD-702WP Portable Dehumidifier,  Energy Star, with Pump, 70-Pint

If you need a very small dehumidifier, I recommend brands like Eva-dry, if you looking for a normal size portable home dehumidifier, there are many great products to choose from. Consider Honeywell, Whynster, Danby, etc..

Top 6 Best Portable Dehumidifier Ratings

Looking for portable dehumidifiers for home is easy if you know the product features you need, such as the space size you will use it, the price range that you could accept, you could find tips and guides to choose a home dehumidifier useful. And you also could continue to compare some bestselling portable machines below.

Eva-dry Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Best portable dehumidifier 2014 - 2015
Eva-dry Electric Petite Machine

Eva-dry Electric dehumidifier has a box-shaped design, which makes it compact and more suitable for small or mid-sized spaces where poor ventilation or high humidity levels are more likely to be caused, such as bathrooms, closets or R.V.s. Peltier technology. Tis small portable dehumidifier unit adopted provides an access to quiet operation and lightweight. This unit pulls moisture out of the air at a proper rate and stores it into the spill-proof reservoir. Generally, the reservoir is able to hold up to 16 oz water that may be collected in two days or some. When the reservoir is filled up, there is an indicator light to alert you of emptying. But, this unit can also shut off automatically if the reservoir isn’t emptied immediately. So there are no worries about its safety. Low energy consumption is another great feature of this wonderful unit. If you are choosing portable dehumidifiers for home, this is a great choice.
1. Small box-shaped body fits small or mid-sized spaces
2. Renewable and spill-proof reservoir
3. Whisper-quiet operation and automatic shut-off feature

NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier

NewAir AD-250 25 Pint Portable Dehumidifier
NewAir AD-250

NewAir AD-250 is an ideal dehumidifier for small spaces, such as bathrooms, small bedrooms, living rooms, dens and offices. With compact size, this machine also fits the workbench or the desk. The built-in carrying handle and light weight enable you to move it from room to room with great portability. Usually, this unit extracts up to 25 pints of moisture out of indoor air and collects it into the interior water tank. In addition to a “FULL” indicator light, this unit is also equipped with an automatic shut-off switch to prevent overflows when the tank is full. More importantly, this unit has a continuous drainage option, so you can avoid the hassle of frequent empties of the tank. NewAir AD-250 is designed with a LED interface, through which you can easily know and adjust the current settings. This unit also includes an automatic defrosting function that is able to run up to hours properly. Another highlight of this unit is the superior filtration of the washable filter, which is able to eliminate the impurities, dust mites, allergens or other substances creating the clean, pure and healthy humidity environment for living. As shown in the comparisons chart, this machine is also recommended as a best portable dehumidifier.
1. Compact size with users-friendly designs: built-in carrying handle, 16.25 pounds of weight, great portability, auto-shut-off function, quiet operation, “FULL” alarm and LED interface.
2. Allows continuous drain option without the need to empty the tank
3. Aims to create the cleanest and the most comfortable environment

EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – White

portable dehumidifier reviews 2014 - 2015
EdgeStar Energy Star 30 Pint

EdgeStar 30 pints madchine is an Energy Rated device that provides great dehumidification for a space of up to 1,500 square feet. The bad moisture condition in some area, like the basement or the crawl space, can be significantly improved when this unit is turned on. The removable water tank can hold up to 3.5 liters. Electronic controls with an integral humidistat allow you checking the performance with accuracy. The humidity levels can be maintained between 35% and 80%, but this is depended on your preference. It can also keep effective operation when the temperature is as low as 41 Fº. Quiet operation and direct drain set-up contribute to the versatility and practicality of this unit. In the comparisons chart above, you could find more portable dehumidifier reviews and ratings info.
1. Dehumidification coverage expands up to 1,500 sq ft with the capacity of 30 pints
2. 3.5 liters water tank with direct drain set-up, 2-speed fan, low temperature operation, automatic de-ice function
3. Integral humidistat provides accurate readouts, proper humidity level selection: from 35% to 80%

Whynter RPD-302W Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier, 30-Pint

Whynter RPD-302W Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier, 30-Pint
Whynter RPD-302W

Whynter RPD-302W is able to remove up to 30 pints of moisture maintaining a proper humidity level. Generally, Whynter RPD-302W will maximize its effectiveness in a tight or enclosed space of up to 2,000 square feet. And places where dampness tends to be big problems, like basements or attics, can be simply saved. Besides, this unit has the ability to keep normal operation even at the temperature of 40 Fº. The great convenience of this unit comes to its auto restart and auto shut-off functions of the compressor, which achieves automatic controls according to the humidity levels selected. Thanks to the auto-defrosting feature, this dehumidifier unit is able to avoid frost build-ups inside. Electronic controls with humidity sensor and adjustable humidity ranges (30% to 90%) are just intended to better fulfill your desires of comfortable surroundings. Approving features include a direct drain selection, dual-speed fan and a 24-hour timer. In a word, Whynter RPD-302W is a great combination of effectiveness, efficiency and designs.
1. Auto-restart, auto-shut-off plus auto-defrosting function
2. Effective performance with high efficiency, but without any compromise on designs
3. Dual-speed fan, 24 timer, 30 pints of removal capacity and 5.6 liter water reservoir

EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – White

EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint Portable Dehumidifier - White
EdgeStar Energy Star 50 Pint

EdgeStar 50 pints portable dehumidifier is able to pull excess moisture out of indoor air and store into the 7.5 liters water bucket over 24 hours quietly. Recommended dehumidification coverage is about 800 sq ft, but some 3,000 sq ft space poses no challenges for this powerful and portable dehumidifier. The special function of this unit is that when the desired humidity levels are reached, it can shut off the fan and the compressor spontaneously, so no extra efforts are required and no extra energy is wasted. Adjustable humidity choice of relative humidity levels (35%-80%) serves to satisfy your changeable demands. It’s really worthy to get one EdgeStar 50 pint dehumidifier —- compact, portable, lightweight, energy efficient and performance effective.
With low temperature operation, it also provides excellent performance at temperature as low as 41 Fº.
1. Reference data: 50-pint of moisture removal, 7.5-liter water bucket, 24-hour continuous operation, 36 pounds of body weight, 2 fan speeds and selectable humidity range from 35%-80%
2. Quiet operation with automatic shut off for the fan and compressor once the expected humidity level is reached.
3. Auto de-ice feature and Energy Star Rated humidifier

Whynter RPD-702WP Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier with Pump, 70-Pint

Whynter RPD-702WP Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier with Pump
Whynter RPD-702WP Energy Star

With high capacity of moisture removal, Whynter RPD-702WP is able to provide adequate humidification for an enclosed space about 3,800 sq ft. It has an 8.5 liters water reservoir that is removable. This 70 pints dehumidifier allows you to select your preferred humidity levels through the adjustable humidity controls that range from 30% to 90%. Three drainage choices not only increase the practicality of this unit, but also reduce your chores to empty the tank. Automatic control of shut off for the compressor aims to ensure safe operation and lower the energy consumption. Besides, auto-defrosting function enables the unit free from frost or ice.
1. High capacity and Energy Star Rated machine
2. Offers various drainage choices: manual , gravity and condensate pump
3. Auto-restart and auto shut-off controls for the compressor; auto-defrosting function is able to get rid of inside frost

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