What is a Humidistat? How do Humidistats Work?

What is a Humidistat and How Does It Work?

Maintaining certain humidity levels is of great importance in some particular environments. And these humidity levels can be obtained to desired levels by a humidifier or other devices incorporated into the home’s air conditioning system. But how can we know or measure if the humidity has been raised to the correct level by these devices? Actually, just use a humidistat and you can easily get accurate humidity level readings.

What is a Humidistat?

A little gadget called a humidistat, is generally integrated into a humidifier. It consists of two main components. One is the sensing element that is composed of the alternate metal conductors and fitted on the flat plate. And the other is the relay amplifier that is attached with the whole sensing unit and will the read signals sent by the sensing elements, so that the humidistat can get accurate humidity level readings.

How Does a Humidistat Work?

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In fact, the principal role of a humidistat is very simple. If there are any variations in the relative moisture in the air, an electrical resistance will be caused between the conductor sets that are mounted on the sensing element. The quantity of the electrical resistance can be precisely predicted by the alternate metal conductors according to the relative humidity. And the relay amplifier will measure the resistance so that it can turn the humidifier on if the electrical resistance shows the humidity doesn’t reach the optimal level, or turn off the humidifier if the ideal level is achieved.

Where to Use One?

Since the humidistat can read the accurate amount of the humidity in the air, it is used widely in humidity related devices. For example, a humidistat is commonly used in the stand-alone humidifier or a dehumidifier. In addition, the humidistat is also used to adjust the valves, dampers or other switches of the HVAC system to regulate the air flow and manage the best humidity for the spaces. In some crawl spaces, the humidistat is often used to control the ventilation fans, so as to maintain humidity at certain levels.

A humidistat is durable and reliable, so it requires less maintenance or doesn’t require any maintenance at all. But if it fails to work, it’s more economical to replace one than repairing one. Generally, humidistat don’t tend to fail very often.

Today, there are some up to date digital humidistats available. They are programmed to read the humidity level of a certain space, and then control the humidifier to turn on/off when it’s needed. What’s more, most of the digital humidistats have a light to indicate whether the water in the reservoir is full or empty. With a digital unit, your humidifier can have the best performance, which optimizes the comfort in your living or working space.

 Humidity Checker

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And there are also some independent devices to measure humidity, some people like to call them humidistats too. But they are only used for identifying levels of indoor humidity. They can’t connect to the humidifier itself in order to measure its effectiveness. They are normally very compact and are very cheap price. And in addition they are small, well-designed gadgets that decorate your room.

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