Is Second Hand Smoke Bad for Dogs? – Pets and Secondhand Smoke

Is Cigarette Smoke Bad for Dogs?

Second hand smoke and petsAre you listening? Your pets are saying: “No! Secondhand smoke!”
Everybody knows that secondhand smoke is harmful to the human body, causing numerous grisly diseases. Health authorities release information consistently, showing that that thousands of non-smokers are dying from secondhand smoke every year. However, only a few know that secondhand smoke also has dangerous effects on pets. Or in some cases, people tend to ignore and underestimate the effects of secondhand smoke on pets. Yet there are clear figures to show how many pets are killed by secondhand smoke. Nonetheless, the fact remains that pets are suffering from secondhand smoke too.

There is some research into this area though. Cats that are exposed to secondhand smoke have a higher risk of lymphoma and mouth cancer, significantly higher than those who aren’t. A study, carried out by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, aimed to look at the correlation of cancer in cats and secondhand smoke. And the results were surprising. It not only found that cats with cancer are strongly associated with secondhand smoke environments, but also proved that the risk would be greatly increased, if the cats were exposed to secondhand smoke for 5 years or more.

As for dogs, the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University has also done research into studying how secondhand smoke affects dogs. They have found that exposure to secondhand smoke increases the likelihood of nasal cancer in dogs. The research found that dogs that were equipped with longer muzzles were at a higher risk of nasal tumors, while dogs that wore shorter muzzles also have the higher risk of lung cancer. This signifies that the carcinogens might be prevented from staying in their noses, but it can pass through to other organs. In any case, neither scenario is good for our pet dogs.

Like the proverbial “canary in a coal mine”, birds are also affected by secondhand smoke. Lung cancer in birds has been increasing in recent years. as birds are perhaps around secondhand smoke more frequently, especially at home.

I don’t know whether you have noticed why your pets have got cancers or other diseases. But I am sure that you love them, because they are just like your family members or friends. But do you really listen to them? Perhaps, they are pleading “Could you rescue me from this dreadful cigarette smoke?”

So if you are a smoker, there is one more reason for you to quit smoking. Your families, friends, and even your pets would be pleased if you gave up smoking. And if you are a nonsmoker, maybe just pay more attention to your pets, especially when you take them outside of the home, to try and keep them away from secondhand smoke.

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