The “other” reasons for quitting smoking

Thank you for not smoking

Hopefully you’re reading this because the time has come and you’re ready to quit – but you just can’t seem to motivate yourself enough with all the obvious reasons:

1. Smoking causes 90% of lung cancers, along with other lung conditions including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It can also increase your chance of a heart attack by double and can lead to numerous other cancers including tongue and mouth.

2. You’re trying to have children and wondering why it’s not working – then remember smoking lowers your fertility and increases risk of things like miscarriage.

3. Every cigarette you have, includes more than 4,000 chemicals that are seeping through your body. More than 70 of those have been proven to cause cancer. Ever heard of cyanide and ammonia? Yep, they’re included.

4. You are not only hurting yourself, but those around you. Your family members and your friends, your children, even your pets! Second hand and third hand smoke is extremely dangerous to everyone, so it’s not just about you. In the UK alone, there are around 10,000 deaths every year from passive smoking! That’s huge. And really unfair.

5. It is addictive, just like cocaine and heroin.

Still didn’t touch the sides with that information? You’re a tough nut to crack, so why not sit back, keep reading and take into account some of the “other” best for quitting smoking.

Perhaps you can justify it enough to use one of these instead.

You’re 30, but you look and feel like you’re 60 years old. It is a proven fact that smoking ages you, so if you are worried about getting old before your time, quit. You don’t want to end up sitting around on the couch with leather skin, full of wrinkles, and unable to breathe properly at the age of 40… quit while you’re ahead!

bad effects of smoking

You miss having white teeth and you’re getting married / going on a date / getting family photos done soon and you want to have nice bright teeth for them, rather than the yellow stones you have now.

You love going to rock concerts and listening to your favorite CDs on the stereo. Smokers have a 70% higher chance of hearing loss than non-smokers so if you want to ensure you can listen to all your favorite sounds (even that of your wife nagging you); you best quit.

You’d prefer to save for a holiday instead!

Think about how much you spend on a packet of cigarettes per day or week. Then think about how much you’d save if you didn’t spend it. How long would it take before you got to take the family away to the coast for a weekend; or a week overseas? Probably not as long as you imagine, and certainly not as long as it would take if you keep smoking.

You’re a woman and you don’t want saggy breasts. Yes, that’s right. Smoking has also been found to cause sagging, along with being overweight and having children.

The next major vice in your life after cigarettes is food – and you love it all. From fresh vegetables and good old steak, to pizza and chocolates. The only problem is, these days, you can’t really tell if you’re eating a Mars bar or a carrot. Smoking actually changes your taste buds so that you can’t taste things as clearly. It makes food taste bland – and when that becomes the case, what’s the point of eating all those delicious foods? If you miss the flavours of the world having a party in your mouth, give up the ciggies.

not smoking make us happy

You love to smile! And smoking actually makes you less happy than non-smokers. As much as people believe otherwise, the truth is that smokers are more stressed and unhappy.

You sit down on a train or bus, and the person on the seat next to you moves away. They have to “get off at the next stop” and yet half an hour later, there they are – still standing there a few metres away from you. They might be too polite to tell you the real reason, but I’m not. You stink. That last smoke you had is lingering in your hair, on your clothes, even in the pores in your skin. And if you’ve tried to have a conversation with them as well, it is possible they were scared away by your breath. Fact is, no one who enjoys breathing fresh air wants to sit next to a stinker.

Things you hate

You hate the cold. In many places around the world now, smoking is actually banned indoors – which is great for everyone else, but not for the smoker. Particularly if it is snowing outside, or cold and rainy. While you’re outside shivering as you draw in those few breaths of cancer causing chemicals, your healthy counterparts are snuggled up nice and warm in front of the fire, sipping on a latte and enjoying themselves.

You hate the idea of giving money to the bureaucrats. Are you one of those people who hates to pay taxes, refuses to buy pharmaceutical drugs, and whinges and whines every time the government announces how much debt they are in? So why are you giving money to those big tobacco companies who really don’t care about anyone that isn’t directly linked to their wallet? Think about it.

How’d we go? Have we convinced you yet? Call your local QUIT helpline to make the next step.

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