What Is Asthma?

What is Asthma? The Definition of Asthma

What is asthmaWhat is Asthma?Asthma refers to a disease that has great effects on the airways. One’s airways are of great importance for his health since it carries the air to and from his lungs. Generally, people who experience asthma for a long time or suffer from the recurrence of asthma can be called as asthmatic. The inner walls of these people’s airways are inflamed or swollen, which increases their susceptibility to allergens and makes them highly sensitive to some irritations. The inflammation makes the airways become narrower, so the air that can flow through them, either to or from the lungs, will become less. And narrowing airways can cause some symptoms, such as, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or breathing difficulties. For asthmatics, these symptoms are especially frequent in the early mornings or during the nights.

People may wonder that if asthmatics are treated with reasonable medications, is that possible to cure asthma. The fact is that asthma is incurable. While the good news is that there are no specific reasons why people with asthma can’t have normal activities and lead normal lives.

How Asthma Attacks or Episodes Happen?

When asthma symptoms suddenly become worse than normal conditions, that means the people is experiencing asthma attacks or asthma episodes. These sudden attacks happen moderately or severely. But why the asthma attacks can cause such worse reactions? Actually, during the asthma attacks, the muscles next to the airways are tightened up, which narrows the airways accordingly. And inflammation of the inside walls can also be aggravated by the asthma attacks. This also narrows the airways. So the air can hardly pass through the airways. What’s worse, increasing mucus is generated into the airways, which undermines the air flows.

For certain asthma attacks, it’s easier for the airways to be blocked. Blocked airways can prevent oxygen entering sufferers’ lungs, and the oxygen also neither can enter the blood stream nor flow to other vital organs. This type of asthma attack is generally fatal, and it often requires urgent hospitalization.

The condition of asthma attacks could be mild, moderate, severe or extremely severe. At its beginning, the lungs can’t get enough air, while the carbon dioxide can’t come out from the lung at adequate speed. If it isn’t expelled instantly, the carbon dioxides, the poisonous substance, can calculate in the patient’s lung when attacks reoccur continually, and the carbon dioxides are also able to prevent the oxygen from flowing to the bloodstream.

Seek The Help of Doctors

If you are suffering from asthma, it’s better to seek the help of your doctor. He will examine your conditions, help you pinpoint asthma triggers and suggest you how to reduce or avoid these triggers. And he also prescribes the medications to control your symptoms.

After experiencing these symptoms again and again, you will have the ability to judge what kinds of irritations you should keep yourself away and learn when you should take what medications to prevent these symptoms. Controlling your asthma with effective management will help you participate into the normal life more easily.

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